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About Us


Inspired and motivated by the life, teachings and unconditional love of Jesus Christ, Bethany World Mission, guided by the Spirit of God, is dedicated to be a partner in the loving transformation of all creation.

BWM stands in solidarity with the poorest of the poor who are marginalized, displaced, uprooted, exploited, victimized and alienated in our globalizing, privatizing and modernizing world.

BWM is committed to building peace among conflicting communities and to actively participate in the restoration of planet earth.


Building a just society where equality and equity are cherished as envisioned by Isaiah and Jesus, BWM hopes to liberate societies from racism, caste-ism and other divisive forces.

As Christ loved everyone, so shall we. God's love is for all.

Aims and Objectives

BWM seeks to-

  • Maintain interdenominational identity
  • Develop the organization as people centered
  • Focus on all segments of society.
  • Stay inter-related with people of all faiths, cultures, ideologies and walks of life through productive and meaningful dialogue, and by sharing the love of God.
  • Organize programs for all sections of society, for all age groups, on various global, regional and local issues.
  • Construct a well defined infrastructure to carry out the mission locally and globally.
  • Collaborate with other NGOs, local government and overseas mission agencies to create a wider network, share vision, resources and establish mission accountability.

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